Supported Helpline Education – Ahmedabad
Our very first attempt towards supporting children from Slums through Helpline Education Adarsh Nagar, Ahmedabad. This diverse community is made up of people from various different castes and social groups; however, they are predominantly drawn from tribal areas of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Adarsh Nagar School is a living example of how eager children are to learn when given a chance.


Signed MOU with NAAZ – Ahmedabad
To provide education to 35, physically challenged children. BGF extended their support for a period of two years to these children with special needs. NAAZ is situated in Piranha district of Ahmedabad and is a school run in conjunction with renowned Blind People’s Association based in Ahmedabad.


NANPURA MANDAL Situated in Kheda district, Gujarat
This school totally has 40 students ranging from years 4 to 11. BGF donated school bags, shoes, benches, water bottles and books and also repaired the leaking roof of the school in order to facilitate regular and disciplined studying. Subsequently flowing year, we once again provided each student with two sets of school uniforms bearing the BGF logo. A set of books, pens, pencils, bags and shoes for new entrants were also allocated.


Sabarkatha District – Gujarat
Supported 12 schools in Sabarkatha District, Kathroti Village. The student population is tribal, secluded caste and secluded tribes. We distributed sports equipment to all the 12 schools.


Signed agreement to build a school with local panchayat in Sastapura village near Nadiad. Continued our support to Nanpura Mandal. Provided school uniforms, benches to New Siroha School in Baroda.


Completed our first building project of Sastapura School near Nadiad. Inauguration took place on 24th May 2015. This school provides education to approximately 375 children.


Completed second school project in Petli Village. Inauguration on … 2016. This school provides education to 475 children.